The objective of the Dialogue is to promote increased awareness of the emerging trends (resurgence), business opportunities, and challenges (resilience) in the agribusiness sector in the Caribbean.

With a number of traditional agricultural crops showing signs of resurgence, due to increasing global demand, increasing usage locally for industrial purposes, or greater recognition of their contribution to food and energy security, there have been increasing inquiries about investment opportunities in the sector in the Region.

At the same time, new initiatives arising from the emergence of industrial hemp and the ongoing development in the nutraceutical industry are offering opportunities for growth and expansion that can lead to the ultimate transformation of the agribusiness sector in the Region. These topical issues and more were highlighted in discussions during  last year’s Invest Caribbean, however, the issue of risks and resilience remain critical.

Additionally, the US–Caribbean Strategic Engagement Act (HR-4939) has identified the Agricultural sector for support with respect to compliance with regulations and standards to increase agricultural trade and improve food safety for U.S. consumers. The promotion of sustainable economic policies, private sector-led growth and job-creation are also among the key areas identified under the Prosperity agenda of the strategy.

The Institute of Caribbean Studies (ICS) places these issues at the forefront of its agenda to promote inclusive prosperity in the Region and continues to highlight and promote new innovative thinking and approaches in these areas. Invest Caribbean 2017 is one such vehicle that seeks to do so.

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Thursday 16th Agenda
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